At Pan Asia Resources, we work with top automotive industry leaders to help their businesses become fully immersed in the era of digital technology. With our industry expertise and world-class delivery model, we can provide solutions that help your company connect with emerging technologies.

  • . AutoCAD
  • . CAN LIN
  • . Mechanical Engineer
  • . Software Test Engineer
  • . Program and Project Management
  • . Software Engineer
  • . CATIA
  • . Solid Works

We connect clients with highly-skilled professionals who meet the wide range of energy jobs in the oil, gas, and utilities industries. Pan Asia Resources is trained to cope with the changing landscapes of these industries. Our proponents will assure that we design solutions that will increase the efficiency, reliability, and sustainability that is much needed in this energy and utilities sector.

  • . Software Development
  • . ERP
  • . Business Intelligence
  • . E-Commerce
  • . Asset Management
  • . Customer Service
  • . Content Management System
  • . Data Analysis & Reporting
  • . Quality Assurance
  • . Infrastructure
  • . Project Controls
  • . Project Manager
  • . Customer Relationship Management
  • . Data Arching
  • . Operational Risk Management

Banks and Insurance companies have been shifting their focus to the digital world and have increased their demand for technology solutions. Their innovations present opportunities for expansion in technologies that include Big Data, Cloud and Web Development. Their increased need for technology has allowed us to shape our solutions to fit their industry needs.

  • . Banking
  • . Risk Management
  • . Insurance
  • . Corporate & Investment Banking
  • . Investment Management

In today’s technological world there has been a huge pressure for High-Tech companies to meet consumer demands. They are under pressure to decrease costs and time while providing world-class innovations. Our unique and out-of-box workforce solutions provide the talent needed for these innovations.

  • . Consumer Electronics
  • . Cloud
  • . Software/Application Development
  • . Multimedia Electronics
  • . Gaming

The manufacturing industry has been on the rise since their increased use of information technology. The modern customer is becoming more digital savvy so the industry has had to evolve quickly and cost-efficiently to better serve their consumers. Leaders in this industry have been using innovative techniques to optimize their supply chains and diversifying their marketing campaigns by going digital. Pan Asia provides workforce solutions that suit the needs of this rapidly evolving industry.

  • . Mobile
  • . CRM
  • . Supply Chain Management
  • . Web
  • . Manufacturing Engineer
  • . CAD Designers
  • . Quality Assurance

Pan Asia Resources provides you with workforce alternatives for clients in the Semiconductor industry. Our professionals are highly-qualified and skilled across all levels of technical experience. We have the capabilities and diverse talent pool to bring you the perfect workforce solution that is low-risk and cost-efficient

  • . ASCI/SOC Design Engineer/Lead/Verification Engineer
  • . L2/L3 Development
  • . Systems Engineering
  • . Test Automation Engineer
  • . Network Element Development
  • . Embedded & Firmware
  • . Chip-set design

Telecom is one of the largest and the fastest growing industry sector worldwide. This industry requires highly qualified manpower who can deploy complex telecom infrastructure and telecom software solutions in a fast paced environment.

  • . Wireless Technologies
  • . Field Services
  • . Lab Integration & Testing
  • . Network Performance & Optimization
  • . Telecom Expense Management (TEM)
  • . Mobile Testing
  • . IOT