If pictures paint a thousand words then a video could possibly paint a million!!!

If pictures paint a thousand words then a video could possibly paint a million!!!

If pictures paint a thousand words then a video could possibly paint a million. On April 10th2017, a video of a passenger being dragged out of a United Airlines went viral. It has been around 48 hours and United stocks have taken a hit. The public is outraged with United Airlines, some folks have cut their United cards and United Airlines has lost a lot of good faith.  I was completely horrified when I saw the video. No matter whatever be the reason, it was completely unjustified for United and ground security to handle the passenger in such a brutal way.

Mr. Drucker mentioned that there is only one purpose of a business: to create a customer. A customer is defined as a person who pays a business for goods and services. If a person does not pay, they are not a customer. Did United Airlines forget the fundamental rule of business and marketing? A customer experience that a business provides is the foundation for customer loyalty and repeat customers. I agree that there are tough customers at times. Even then, businesses try to handle it more professionally and with grace.

Mistakes are perhaps unavoidable in today’s corporate world. Airline industry is highly competitive and chaotic. But there is no excuse of how you handle a mistake. United CEO Oscar Munoz’s: “I’m sorry. We will fix this “seemed thoughtless and sadly, lame. This incident required a more heartfelt apology and more detailed explanation of what he could do for his customer. It is so surprising that people still think several times before apologizing especially when the situation warrants for it. And even when they apologize, it is a text book apology. This apply to all companies be it small or big. When there is a problem, be ready to act fast. There is no shame in apologizing. People appreciate a true apology, and the fact that somebody is willing to be responsible for their mistake.

There are several lessons for businesses to learn from United. We live in a viral world where both good and bad spread fast and globally. Business need to make a conscious effort to be on your best behavior always, and work towards creating a better customer experience. We live in a competitive world – One business’s loss is a viable profit to another. Also, when it comes to professional apology, I am sorry just doesn’t cut it. I would like to wrap with another favorite quote from my favorite management guru, Peter F. Drucker “The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself “. Every business needs to understand and adopt this guideline for surviving and succeeding in this corporate world.





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